Relationships & restorative practice

Today was the second weekend of four included in the partial online PQP2 course.  It was an interesting day of professional discussion, leadership analysis and drawing connections between law, policy, standards of practice and leadership principles.

The OCT discussion really provided us with a framework for handling decisions and discussions around ethical decision making and as always, when I explore the OCT offerings, I learn a little more about the governing principles, standards and their connection to my professional practice.  I think that the number of resources offered by the OCT to help educators to discuss and reflect upon their might be a wonderful resource to help staff better articulate their work as professionals.  I will take time to explore these resources and would also like to access them to incorporate them into some AQ courses that I am currently re-writing.  This is the link to downloadable resources that would help teachers to foster professional inquiry.

The most interesting discussions came after lunch when we discussed restorative practice using role play and facilitated instruction.  The concept of relationship building was reiterated relative to this type of conflict resolution and the idea of understanding our students and colleagues in terms of their own personal narratives.  What I find so interesting is how relationships are always core to successful leadership and speaks to the interplay between leadership/creativity and management activities.  Using a different approach to how we question students who are conflicted and dealing with challenging situations can really help both parties to understand  the impact and the implications of their actions.  When you think about it, restorative practice  really speaks to how we should operate within the leadership framework of building relationships and developing people.  But it also connects to how we have to lead within a system that is transforming to meet the needs of the 21st century learner.


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