Connecting Literacy, Leadership and Technology

I have been on the road for a couple of days working with educators in various areas of the province.  It is interesting to see the intersections and convergences of various initiatives, organizations and ideologies.  It is so exciting to see how learners in a variety of situations are realizing that learning is collaborative, cross curricular and connected across disciplines.  But most exciting is the general understanding that something must change and that the way we connect to learners must evolve.

Scientists and researchers understand that they need to somehow use social networking tools to connect and collaborate across distances.  School districts beyond the GTA in Ontario are making that same connection.  It really is an exciting time to be an educator at this time of rapid change.  Working with learners and system leaders in a variety of different educational settings, all of whom understand that change is inevitable, exciting and necessary is great fun!  Also, helping educators learn how to relearn what learning environments look like is really energizing.

Being a leader in an environment like this involves helping other leaders to connect the dots by embedding “intiatives” into authentic practice.  Requiring that technology move from “event” to daily practice.  Seeing teachers make these connections is exciting and something that needs to be shared and supported.  Using online communities of practice is a logical way to do this…

Innovative teaching, learning and leadership is 21st Century learning.  Don’t you think?


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