Two Months, come and gone!

How is it that September and October have flown by?  Gone is my resolve to blog weekly, I am not even keeping up with monthly!  However, reflecting upon the past eight weeks, I have to think about everything that has been accomplished.  The first face to face LC conference is already a month behind me!  This time last year it had just happened!  I have had the wonderful opportunity to attend Educause in Anaheim for some exemplary professional learning, I have presented at the COHERE conference at York University and have already visited one our new LC District Champions.

The LC website has morphed into a completely amazing professional workspace that will meet the needs of all of our learners and then some…..and already we are moving forward into November when I will be working to share LC with new school districts by presenting at the Education Computing Conference of Ontario and through our attendance at the Quest Conference in York Region.

All I can say is that everything I do with this program is a learning experience.  I learn how to work, share, collaborate and celebrate learning in every activity.  The challenge of managing the convergence of knowledge is exciting, exhausting and exhiliarating.  It’s no wonder I’m so tired every night 🙂

I continue to learn from my Professional Learning Network and hopefully am able to share as much as they do.  I look forward to seeing how quickly November and December fly by as long as my professional learning continues at this pace.

Be a traveller, not a touristSaw this sign at Pearson International Airport recently and couldn’t help connecting it to my work and my learning.  How about you?


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