Studying Books Virtually

So last night was my first session as moderator of a virtual book study.  I am working with a group of educators from across Ontario who are all interested in becoming more connected.  They are a dedicated group that are willing to take the leap to DIY learning in a virtual environment. We are reading “The Connected Educator:  Learning and Leading in a Digital Age” by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Lani Ritter Hall, so it makes sense that we learn together virtually.

I feel my biggest challenge is to connect with each of the participants and develop a relationship with them so that we can co-construct learning together. Virtual is different, it requires an understanding of silent spaces in conversations, the ability to follow chat and respond accordingly while moving discussion forward logically as we would in face to face learning. I am comfortable in this space, I hope the rest of our group is too.  Next step is to engage the group in online discussion between sessions and I look forward to some rich and reflective discussion.

I know that I am an online learner and engage in my own self directed professional learning, I hope I can convince this group to join me for the ride 🙂


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