February Blahs….

Now that we have fully experienced winter in Southern Ontario, I have to say I am truly sick an tired of winter. However, there are many reasons to be happy in February. Here is a short list of my ideas, I’m sure folks out there have many other ideas but here are mine:

  • The days are slowly getting longer (even though I have no motivation to be outside in the light)
  • Family Day
  • March Break is looming large (maybe it will be warm like last year?)
  • Spring is closer!

Additionally, I have some interesting activities I’m involved in to help me pass the winter weather. I have taken up knitting again and am enjoying work and knitting chat with others. I had opportunity to attend the OLA Superconference and had some great professional learning two weeks ago. I am beginning my term as Vice President of the OSLA, a commitment for the next three years! I am teaching Additional Qualification Courses for York again and really enjoying interacting with motivated learners. I love doing hot yoga two to three times a week to feel the heat, get some exercise and imagine I am in the Bahamas. I am transforming my school library into true learning commons with mobile technology, mobile furnishings, wireless access for students to bring their own devices with a mobile drop down zone, a virtual library collection to meet our learning needs and developing a culture of collaborative planning, teaching and learning for all.

I’m busy, but I need some vitamin D!


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