ASI2010: Creating my reflection now :)

ASI2010I had grand ideas back at ASI 2010.  Yup, I was going to blog every session and idea that occurred throughout the three days.  The one thing I forgot about was the fact that I was an MC on day one, and was presenting three different hands on sessions.  At the end of each day I was exhausted, exhiliarated but in no state to write a blog post!

Now reviewing my cryptic notes, and rethinking the three days I have time to reflect just a month later!  The bonus of being on the program committee is that we get to review the feedback and I have to say it was rewarding to see that our work on the conference was well received.  My intuitive response to how the three days progressed was a very positive one and the data supported my intuition.

All of our feedback indicated that our keynote speakers Alec Couros from University of Regina, Garfield Gini-Newman from OISE and Bill Muirhead from UOIT set the tone for the conference and each speaker built upon the learning introduced by the previous speaker.  We could not have asked for a better combination of speakers or such a positive response!

Things I need to review:  RIP:  A remix manifesto, Eric Whittacre’s crowdsourced music, Why I hate IWB article.

My favorite analogy:  Personalized Learning ….choosing your own adventure!

Need to think more about:  the changing role of the teacher, the need to customize and personalize our learning and the need to respect everyone’s learning needs.  Need to examine how power is shifting with just in time learning that is removing walls, changing the need for timetables and shifting/disrupting traditional visions of educational environments.


Reading about Leadership

I spent most of the afternoon sitting in the sunshine, reading in my garden.  Although, I am usually the one with the latest novel in her hand this time of year, I have been reading articles by Michael Fullan, excerpts from Douglas Reeves books and reflecting upon conversations I have been having with district leaders over the past few months.  I am always impressed when I seemed to be faced with a convergence of ideas and lately that has been happening from many different perspectives.

I think I am very fortunate to work in a district with both the vision and the leadership to move educators forwards towards a changing vision of classroom instruction.  One that reflects all of the ideas I have been reading about where Principals and Vice Principals are becoming effective Instructional Leaders, the development of Professional Learning Networks are beginning to make the classroom walls disappear.  It’s so great to hear educators have effective professional discourse about their classroom practice and see how school communities are reaching out to parents to help involve them in their child’s learning.

Now I am waiting to see our district take the next step, where we take all of this exemplary pedagogy and connect it to the multiple literacies of 21st Century learning.  Where our Professional Learning Networks move beyond district towards a self directed model of professional learning that all teachers engage in.  I can’t wait to see real learning be truly connected to schools again.  We are getting closer…..