Visible Leadership

Friday was a good day.  I got to connect with my PLPeeps and I got to learn. Spending time with Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Lisa Neale is good time spent.411485153_35d2543d02_o

I have returned to a school after being centrally assigned for four years.  It’s good to be in a school, it’s good to work with students, it’s good to connect with staff and admin but sometimes you just have to feed your soul. Sometimes you just need to connect with like minded folks and remember why you became an educator. Sometimes you need to connect and learn with folk that “get it”.

Friday was one of those days. I was reminded of why I became an educator, I was reinforced in my beliefs as to what I should do as an educator and I was able to connect with folks that “get it”.

In today’s political parlance, I am an oldster. I am someone who is not in the know. But I know better, I am connected, I am a learner and I believe in public education. Take all of our political nonsense away and we have educators who understand what must be done and how we have to do it to ensure that students are connected to learning that is relevant and meaningful for this century.

How cool was it that two wonderful women, grandmothers for that matter, were leading this group through the learning experience that demonstrated how important public education and how important education for the now generation is. I came away feeling rejuvinated, and happy to know that Canadian educators in Ontario just might “get it” and just might be ready to effect the change we need to see now.

Thanks Sheryl and Lisa, I needed this 🙂  PS I found a picture of @snbeach that is awesome 🙂


Leadership for change

Last week the ABEL program hosted the second Leadership Summit at York University.  The intent of the ABEL leadership summit was to gather system leaders together to focus their thinking about leadership for change in this day and age.  The impact of the day was impressive.  Conversations about system change were thoughtful and  explored how to best support education systems as they attempt to become move forward to effect 21st C change (for want of a better phrase).  It really makes me proud to be part of such a forward thinking group of leaders!

I was really impressed by Heidi Hayes-Jacobs’ presentation via Skype, not only was her message right on the money, but she also demonstrated very effective and engaging use of Skype as a videoconferencing/presentation technology.  (Something that is always important when we are promoting the effective use of ICT for educational purpose!)

All in all it was such a great day to connect with my virtual network, meet new leaders and plan forward for future learning and system reform advocacy and planning.  It was such a pleasure to work with such a committed group of system leaders.