New Beginnings

Education follows a predictable pattern, ever moving forwards to the next landmark in the school year.  For me this year it means I am moving on to a new position, having decided that after four years of learning beyond the classroom, it’s time to return and put my learning into practice. The hard part is the not knowing.  Currently, I don’t know what school in my district, what subject area or grade. It is both unnerving and exciting.Deb's a travellin' girl

The interesting thing I find about this entire process is the very mixed responses I get from people when I tell them my plans. They range from: “Who gets your job?” to “Oh I’m sorry to hear that!” Rarely do I hear “Well done you…we need teachers like you in our system!”  It makes me wonder, why so many people involved in the education of children and young adults strive to leave the classroom and returning to one is perceived as a step backwards?

I entered teaching after working in business for ten years. I chose to be a teacher because I like kids, I’m a creative person and learning excites me…it’s fun.  I have worked as a teacher in schools teaching from Kindergarten to grade 12 and have learned something new with every new experience. My work as an adult educator has taught me more and the learning I have had the priviledge to be part of has been outstanding. I can’t wait to work in a school, with kids again. I will miss the different experiences I have had in this role but I am sure equally  wonderful experiences await me in my next chapter of learning.