Introducing myself to #ETMOOC

I’m late and all of a sudden very, very busy BUT I am following the etmooc hashtag, lurking in google hangouts and viewing posts and blogs via my RSS. I am determined to participate, hence my lateness but am eager to learn from the many folks I follow on Twitter and folks I know who are involved. So here is a very poor video knocked off on my ipad this afternoon as I was cooking, knitting, and working on two other online courses I’m facilitating. Hello etmooc!

Intro to ETMOOC from Deb Kitchener on Vimeo.


LC Champions Conference

Thursday and Friday were very busy days as I was hosting our spring champions conference for Learning Connections at York University.  We had 20 delegates at dinner on Thursday evening at the Schulich Executive Dining Room, from six school districts across Ontario.  It was a great evening.

On Friday, we had another 15 delegates join us as we began our day in the TEL building.  About half of the group had not yet used Twitter so we began by having people set up accounts.  Thanks to Kent Manning and Andrew Forgrave who shared their professional learning experiences through the use of twitter….it’s always a challenge to get people past the skeptical stage.  I used a twitter visualizer tool I found on the web to share the tweets to #lngconn throughout the day.  I think we really engaged some folks in the discussion!

Following the initial ice-breaker activities, the various Champion Districts spent time sharing the work they have been doing in their districts with each other.  It was such amazing professional dialogue and sharing of expertise!  Everyone was so engaged in their sharing and learning and there was just so much learning.  The delegates really took charge of their learning as we progressed through the day.  They identified their learning needs, next steps and made some wonderful connections.

Rodd Lucier came down from London to speak to our group about Creative Commons licensing and the various sites where we can direct our students and colleagues for media to share and remix.  Rodd’s talk really got folks thinking about this challenging topic.

I would have to say that overall the day was a great success.  It was great to meet folks with whom I have only ever communicated via Twitter and could now finally put a face to their Twitter handle.  I was so impressed by the learning and sharing withing our community of LC Champions and really felt that we were delivering exactly the right mix of face to face and online learning for this dedicated group of educators.