February Blahs….

Now that we have fully experienced winter in Southern Ontario, I have to say I am truly sick an tired of winter. However, there are many reasons to be happy in February. Here is a short list of my ideas, I’m sure folks out there have many other ideas but here are mine:

  • The days are slowly getting longer (even though I have no motivation to be outside in the light)
  • Family Day
  • March Break is looming large (maybe it will be warm like last year?)
  • Spring is closer!

Additionally, I have some interesting activities I’m involved in to help me pass the winter weather. I have taken up knitting again and am enjoying work and knitting chat with others. I had opportunity to attend the OLA Superconference and had some great professional learning two weeks ago. I am beginning my term as Vice President of the OSLA, a commitment for the next three years! I am teaching Additional Qualification Courses for York again and really enjoying interacting with motivated learners. I love doing hot yoga two to three times a week to feel the heat, get some exercise and imagine I am in the Bahamas. I am transforming my school library into true learning commons with mobile technology, mobile furnishings, wireless access for students to bring their own devices with a mobile drop down zone, a virtual library collection to meet our learning needs and developing a culture of collaborative planning, teaching and learning for all.

I’m busy, but I need some vitamin D!


I’m on the Ballot!

t4lwordle copy

Wow, it feels kind of surreal but I am nominated for the role of Vice-President of the Ontario School Library Association. I’m really hoping to win this election since at this point in my career I know I have a lot to offer.

I’ve been a school librarian now for close to 14 years! Now four of those years I was a librarian sans library.  What that means is librarian in my heart whilst working centrally as the Consultant for School Libraries in YRDSB and three years as Program Leader with the ABEL  and Learning Connections online learning communities. I’ve served on the OSLA council as counsellor for a three year term and I have been the Teacher Leader for face to face and online Additional Qualification courses for Librarianship I, II & III for about 10 years.

I have been an advocate for school libraries as long as I have been an educator and as Head of Library at Keswick High School I continue to do so. Never have school libraries ever been so important to school learning communities.  As we move toward our vision of the Learning Commons, it is vitally important to support our teachers and students in negotiating the vast array of digital media and resources they access daily. It is important to ensure that we model for our younger colleagues what effective teaching and learning looks like in the Learning Commons and how we can work collaboratively as we co-plan, co-teach, co-reflect upon this experience together. Additionally, it is important that we ensure all school districts have access to information through  Virtual Libraries that support student learning needs at home and at school.

I am passionate about school libraries and effective school programs. In this day and age TL’s need to be connected learners and leaders. I am a connected Leader and Learner and I am ready to work with our membership, Together for Learning.