View from my porch


I have been offline mostly for the past couple of weeks, taking some time for R & R before I start thinking about the next chapter in my teaching career. After much analysis and a few good interviews, I have landed at Keswick High School in northern YRDSB. I will be Head of Library.

In preparation for this challenge (and it will be a big one since foks will be surprised at my interpretation of library) I am spending the month of July at our new house on Great Guana Cay, one of the Cay’s off of Abaco in the Central Bahamas. Life is good here. Today I watched two dolphins cruise by our dock as I sit here typing this post!

It’s interesting because teaching is such a part of me that I can’t help but think of the possibilities for me to connect the students I will be working with in the fall with the students here in the Bahamas. Education here faces many challenges. First being the manyy remote communities throughout the islands, challenging socio-economic issues and of course the struggle to deliver relevant learning to students facing the same challenges that learners face all over the world. A bit like the Northern Ontario experience, except with a tropical setting.

I am hoping to learn more about how I might make some connections to my new school commmunity and my new island community and perhaps beyond to see how we might enrich learning for our students across borders. This will be fun!