Reading about Leadership

I spent most of the afternoon sitting in the sunshine, reading in my garden.  Although, I am usually the one with the latest novel in her hand this time of year, I have been reading articles by Michael Fullan, excerpts from Douglas Reeves books and reflecting upon conversations I have been having with district leaders over the past few months.  I am always impressed when I seemed to be faced with a convergence of ideas and lately that has been happening from many different perspectives.

I think I am very fortunate to work in a district with both the vision and the leadership to move educators forwards towards a changing vision of classroom instruction.  One that reflects all of the ideas I have been reading about where Principals and Vice Principals are becoming effective Instructional Leaders, the development of Professional Learning Networks are beginning to make the classroom walls disappear.  It’s so great to hear educators have effective professional discourse about their classroom practice and see how school communities are reaching out to parents to help involve them in their child’s learning.

Now I am waiting to see our district take the next step, where we take all of this exemplary pedagogy and connect it to the multiple literacies of 21st Century learning.  Where our Professional Learning Networks move beyond district towards a self directed model of professional learning that all teachers engage in.  I can’t wait to see real learning be truly connected to schools again.  We are getting closer…..