Thinking about Safe School Policy

Today’s work was both stimulating and exhausting!  Beginning with an excellent discussion of assessment as, of and for learning and what that looks like from the perspective of an instructional leader.

By reviewing Carmel Crevola’s discussion of Breakthrough (Crevola, Fullan, Hill) we began to explore the framework for the School Effectiveness Framework and the need for the instructional leader to filter out certain information, while at the same time aligning Ministry Initiatives, District Plans for Continuous improvement and School plans.   Also the discussion about the Ontario Leadership Strategy and how Principals must align their learning plan to meet the goals of the school improvement plan.

I felt quite comfortable with this discussion because of my learning from the curriculum department and this year with Learning Connections.   However, the safe schools presentation was a different story.

As Rory stated at the beginning of his presentation, we are all involved and experienced in progressive discipline as classroom teachers, but the understanding of the laws, policies and guidelines are quite overwhelming to me.

I know that I would be capable in this role but this part certainly isn’t one that interests me particularly.  My strengths are definitely in curriculum and instructional leadership, I am concerned that I would become overwhelmed by the issues that I might be confronted with in regards to Safe Schools.  When I was acting as principal designate at my former elementary school, it was certainly the work I disliked.  Maybe it’s because of my lack of confidence in my knowledge surrounding the policies and laws.   How much experience is enough experience?  When do you become knowledgeable and confident in this knowledge?

Overall, the presentation by Rory McGuckin was excellent, full of information that I needed to hear and both reassuring and challenging for me.