Collaboration 2.0

I am preparing for the OLA Superconference. As I try to gather my thoughts about Professional Learning Networks I find I have a lot of ambiguity in my own thinking so I can only imagine how educators might find this concept overwhelming.

Teachers just want to do the right thing, they are learners, planners, schedulers, sometimes confessors to students and colleagues alike. Time disappears quickly in a day scheduled away by lessons, bells and curriculum, so outside of the box thinking is a challenge, but much needed.

Enter the concept of The Learning Commons. Makes sense for all TL’s in this day and age to embrace this idea and move this forward. It sounds so easy, so sensible and so doable. So what are the challenges? The “ya buts”? I can think of so many myself and I’m sure TL’s all over Canada can do the same. However, in order for learning and education to keep up with the 21stC speed of learning there really is no other option.

Having a powerful professional learning network is really nothing new to effective teachers, teacher librarians and learners. We embrace this through our work in PLC’s in our schools. The web allows us to move this learning beyond the institutional walls and turns us into global learners. This is learning in this day and age. It is learning that our youth assume is the norm. How do we engage our school districts, our various teaching federations and our site based administrators in this conversation? It’s a big task but one we really need to take on.