Visioning school….

Another interesting day in the PQP, beginning with reflections on fund raising and equity, moving to Differentiated Instruction, a lively discussion about our vision of the school we would like to see and then a presentation from SAO, Pamela Tylee about her experience as a principal.

As always so much to think about but also some interesting and surprising insights about my own thinking as an administrator.  During the visioning activity, I found myself – the technology champion – arguing about the efficacy and value of SMART Boards in schools!  Additionally, I found myself – School Library advocate advocating for a very different model of what a school library might best be.  Interesting how thinking from the perspective of administrator changes your thinking around issues near and dear to one’s heart!

I enjoyed Pam Tylee’s presentation because she modeled how she walked the walk of principal and was frank and honest about how she struggled with managing her time and her frustration with the events that interfered with her important role of instructional leader.  I admired her accomplishments but worried that I might be much like that and need to get a better handle on setting effective guidelines to separate work and personal time.  It is the ongoing educator struggle, only amplified.

Things I need to learn more about:  Data collection platform for my own district, mentorship programs for new VP’s, ongoing leadership development for new VP’s,  a clearer idea of the VP interview process, and a decision about which panel I wish to apply.  I am in a unique position of having both elementary and secondary teaching and leadership experience…I am interested in leadership in both panels and am unsure where my strengths may best be used….