It’s all about relationships…..

Today we started out with the TLCP cycle in the secondary panel and concluded with a presentation about the Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy.  Both important topics in leadership to ensure student success but really focused on two different areas of student well being.  The TLCP focused on improving the literacy levels of students and ensuring their success academically but the Equity and Inclusive strategy discussion focused on the social and emotional well being of all students.  Both have student well being at the heart of their goals and both are entirely dependant upon relationship building and understanding every person’s personal narrative.

It seems to me this is a recurring theme…..Michael Fullan speaks about the importance of building relationships when we hope to move educators forward towards a new model of thinking in the 21st century.  The leadership framework has a big section about relationship building and developing capacity of staff.  In fact he has a chapter entitled in his article “Leading in a Culture of Change”  entitled “Relationships, relationships, relationships!”  Obviously, the focus on effective leadership is on people.  Makes sense in a people organization.  However, the idea of balancing Instructional leadership, managerial responsibilities, relationship building, my own professional learning and keeping abreast of legal issues, policy updates and changes is quite daunting.

I know that we are all responsible and accountable for our actions as educators, but I worry about balancing this responsibility with personal life.  I’m not afraid of challenging work but I worry about letting the job consume me.  My colleagues refer to teaching as the “job that never stops”  if that is the case in a classroom, how can it not be intensified as an administrator?