Corn is ready and ASI2011 begins….

I have spent most of the last two weeks finalizing details for the ABEL Summer Institute which begins tomorrow at York University. It is a special event this year as the ABEL program celebrates it’s 10th Anniversary. Our program offerings are wonderful with innovative and exceptional educators from across Canada and the United States presenting to our delegates over the next 2 1/2 days.

I read one of our spotlight speakers, Dean Shareski’s blog post this morning where he was reflecting on his summer of nothing. I have been doing pretty much the same over the last couple of weeks.

This summer I elected to unplug myself, stepping away from Flickr, Twitter, blogs, rss, skype, the lot. It was surprisingly painless for me and a much needed time to reflect and engage in other activities like sleeping, eating, hanging out and family time. I did throw in some extended hours of reading, we did have an awesome family vacation and I did pay for my indulgences (am on diet now).

Dean quoted from another tweep in his blog and I have to agree with him about it being “pure gold”. No matter how connected we are, the most important thing we do as humans, educators and learners is build relationships in order to learn better and be better people in a connected world.

I think that is what ASI is all about, hands on learning yes, but as always the best learning comes over coffee, lunch and those chats between sessions, where learners connect the dots and build the relationships.

I look forward to doing that over the next three days as we learn together.